The Euromodel Model Ship Plans Royal William are quality Euromodel Model Boat Plans making for a great Wooden Model Ship.

Scale : 1:70
Length: 45" (1140mm)
Height: 37-1/2" (950mm)
No of Sheets: 16
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Ship Model Plans - Royal William

Built from materials salvaged from a demolished ship, the Royal William was launched in 1719 at Plymouth. Registered as a first rate ship of 1,600 tons, she carried three batteries of guns and a crew of 730 men. Euromodels Royal William outshines all other ship model kits in its category because of its very precise and abundant fittings. You'll find 104 bronzed metal cannon and nearly 200 decorative pieces cast in heavy white metal. Eight detailed sheets of plans.

Euromodel produce the most authentic and intricately detailed wooden ship model plans. Each is a masterpiece.Their ship model plans are historically accurate and rich in detail. These ship model plans are best for the experienced model builder.

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