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Skill Level : 4
Scale : 1:72
Length: 28-1/2" (720mm)
Height: 30" (760mm)
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Stock due in: January 2019

AJAX - English Frigate 1765

Launched in Plymouth in 1765, Ajax was armed and supplied five years later, when it sailed for its first trip to North America In 1786, during a winter mission in Atlantic, it ran into a severe storm that seriously damaged it. The storm lasted three days but with some temporary repairs, it managed to reach Scotland after a journey lasting forty-five days. Within a month, some major repairs were carried out and it set sail to Plymouth.

Ajax sailed for the next twelve years but was disarmed and abandoned in the Plymouth navy yards. However, in 1801, the Admiralty was keen to expand its fleet and decided to utilize again some disarmed ships like the Ajax. At the end of 1802 the ship sailed with the Mediterranean fleet and participated in the Toulon siege with other English ships, amongst which was the famous HMS Victory, commanded by Admiral Nelson. On 21st October 1805 Ajax participated in the Trafalgar war, where it damaged a Spanish ship and sunk a French one.

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