The Ship Model Euromodel Derfflnger is a high quality model ship kit complete with English instructions and all fittings, making for a great ship model.

Skill Level : 5
Scale : 1:66
Length: 19-1/2" (500mm)
Height: 18-1/2" (470mm)
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DERFFLINGER - 17th Century Felucca

Prior to 1684, Derfflinger was named Wolkensaule. It was purchased in Danzica in January 1681 by Benjamin Raule and was used during the war against Spain (May 1681) declared by Prince William Frederick. It was 110 feet long and 23 feet wide; it was armed with 3 - 16 cannons and crewed by about twenty men. From 1686 - 1693 the felucca sailed the Western Africa and India routes. The 'Friedrich Wilhelm Zu Pferde' had been its escort as well as the 'Hoffnung' during the trips up the Western Africa coast and up to the Shetland Islands.

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