Ship Model Soclaine - St Gildas - Tuna Boat

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:50
Length: 22" (560mm)
Height: 19-1/2" (490mm)

ST GILDAS - Tuna Boat 1908

The Saint Gildas is the Dundee De Groix type boat manned for tuna fishing. Today, these fishing vessels have disappeared from the coasts of France, replaced many years ago by motorized ships.

In 1892, a shipowner from the Sables d'Olonne modified the classical form of fishing vessel by taking inspiration from lines of racing yachts. From this was born the Saint Gildas, having a reduced displacement and ballast under the keel, the boat was the champion of the Southwest coasts for many years, winning annual regattas, returning to port before the others, thus obtaining a better price for its catch.

Several shipowners wanted to copy it, but without using ballast under the keel. One boat lost all hands aboard and two heeled over and sunk!

In 1898, a storm lasting fourteen hours forced everyone to return to port, not without some damage. However the Saint Gildas remained at sea and returned at the end of the week with more than 200 tons of tuna aboard. While everyone had assumed she was lost.

A 60 ton boat, with ample sail, 10 to 12 man crew, it fishes tuna on the line with long poles or 'tangons' rigged with 7 lines linked together to make it possible to lift together without moving the spars lowered on each side in the fishing position.

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