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PIKO A-Track and PIKO A-Track with Roadbed is made from high quality nickel silver alloy and has good electrical conductivity even on long track sections. Rail joiners ensure constant power, and guarantee good electrical conductivity at the rail joints.

The ties are made of high quality ABS plastic, which is characterised by its high impact resistance, noise reduction and a resistance to cracking under stress.

The surface of the ties is made to look like wood and the spacing between the ties is to scale. This makes it look realistic without being crowded.

Both A-Track and A-Track with Roadbed HO Scale track systems are compatible with each other.

The PIKO track systems allows for the easy extension of your track layout to make it more interesting and realistic.

PIKO track system has straight track of different lengths, flexible track, different radii tracks, turnouts and curved track with turnouts

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