How To Build Model Ship Gratings

How To Build Model Ship Gratings
May 11, 2018

Model Ship Gratings can pose a slight technical challenge for model ship builders. Master ship model builder Leon Griffiths provides his tips on fitting together model ship gratings.



1. No glue at this stage. Using a flat base use four pieces of grating and form your outline.


2. Add all of the pieces of the grating to one side. You can use free hand or modeling tweezers to construct the grating.


3. Cover the model ship grating with another coaster or any flat material.


4.Pick up your bundle and calmly turn over your two outer surfaces and your grating and with care replace it back on your work surface.


5. Remove the top cover and continue installing all of the remaining pieces of the grating.


6. Your grating is complete. At this stage you will be able to handle it with care.


7. Using a shallow plate - add water and a good ten seconds’ squeeze of the PVA glue.  


8. Mix the two together well.


9. Drop the grates into the mix. 


10. Make sure the wooden grates are submerged. Leave them soaking for five minutes.


11. On an absorbent towel or rag allow the mixture to drain out.


12. Depending on the temperature of the day the grates will dry bonded without any staining and will be ready for use. 

This article was originally published by Sydney Model Shipbuilders Club. The copyright remains with the club and contributor.

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