How To Plank The Hull of a Bluff Bow Model Ship

Learn How To Plank The Hull of a Bluff Bowed Wooden Model Ship with this Comprehensive 40 Step Build Guide From Modelers Central.

The hull is the single largest part of a model ship. Building the hull correctly will determine the final shape and appearance of the model. In your kit you will find a number of plywood sheets with the laser cut parts. Use the kit’s plans and instructions to identify and number each part on the plywood sheets with a pencil. Do this before removing any parts from the plywood sheet.

1. Constructing the Hull

To construct the hull follow these steps.

Step 1

In the kit there will be a 4mm thick plywood sheet as shown Photo 1 below. On this sheet there will be a number of parts for the model. The keel, bulkheads and transom are the parts needed to construct the hull. When fitted and glued together these parts form the skeleton of the hull. The keel, bulkheads (BH) and transom are identified in Photo 1.

 The keel is the ship’s main structural piece. It runs longitudinally down the centre of the model from the stem (or bow) – front—to the stern—the rear—of the model. The keel is the centre piece of the model and everything is built from it.

 The bulkheads are fixed at right angles to the keel and provide strength to the hull. Throughout this course we will refer to the bulkheads as bulkhead frames.

 The transom is fixed at right angles to the keel and sits at the stern. The transom is not a bulkhead but does form part of the hull construction.