Resealing Planks on the Stem of A Bluff Bow Model Ship

Resealing Planks on the Stem of A Bluff Bow Model Ship
May 12, 2018

Resealing planks on the stem of a bluff bow model ship kit can be a nightmare. Problems can arise when second planking bluff bow ships with the need for enough space for the stem post. Here Australian Master Model Leon Griffiths show us his steps to complete the task.

1. The second layer of planking a model ship kit can be laid using thin contact adhesive. The trick used here is to attach the first 20mm to 30mm of the front of the plank to the stem ensuring that a sound adherence is achieved before attaching the rest of the plank.
2. This can be a fiddly operation and can lengthen the job at hand.
3. My preferred use of yellow contact adhesive gives the model ship builder more working time and I believe that is easier to use.
4. Problems arise with the planks not taking on the stem. The causes are from bad preparation in reference to lime dust not being thoroughly cleaned with a wipe over with methylated spirits, to applying an uneven coat of glue to either the model ship hull or the plank surfaces. The question is how do you fix it?
5. The first thing is to remove the offending rubber glue using sharp blades and tweezers. Apply thick CA to the offending planks.
6. Using the same timber “walnut”, get some scrap at least 5mm thick.
7. Apply a drop of thin contact adhesive glue to the clean scrap blocks.
8. Place them either side of the planks to be glued. Ensure that the grain of the scrap wood is running with the grain of the planks
9. Using a slide clamp, clamp the bluff planks together. This will spread the thick CA throughout the repair and seal the boards to the stem. Leave for ten minutes or so.
10. Remove the scrap timber using a chisel blade.
11. Pare off the remaining shards of timber

12. Clean the planks using sand paper.

13. All stages of the repair are now very sound.

14. Installing the stem post is now very easy

This article was originally published by Sydney Model Shipbuilders Club. The copyright remains with the club and contributor.

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