How to Build: MV Krait

At dawn on 27 September 1943, Singapore harbour shook to violent explosions.

"Operation Jaywick" had attacked the heart of Japanese-occupied Singapore. The raiders, mostly RAN volunteers, were led by a British officer, Major Ivan Lyon.

They had travelled over 4,500 kilometres through Japanese-held islands in a rickety-looking fishing boat, Krait.

The operation destroyed seven Japanese ships. The Krait played a significant role in Australian WW2 military history.

In this 3 DVD set there are 5hrs 30 minutes of comprehensive narration & demonstration by a Master Model Ship Builder as he builds the Krait.

The modeller takes the viewer through each step of its construction - everything from opening the box to putting the finishing touches to the rigging and flags. He demonstrates his many model ship building tips and techniques. This is a very comprehensive instructional DVD.

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