Model Kit Horse Drawn Models - Settlers Cart

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:15
Length: 14-1/2" (370mm)
Width: 7" (180mm)
Height: 6" (150mm)
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Horses & horse-drawn vehicles were the primary means of land transport from the beginning of Australian settlement up to the 1920s. They conveyed people and goods and played a significant role in the development of the growing colonies and then, after Federation to the development of the nation. Knowledge of horse-drawn vehicles gives a deeper understanding of the culture and social settings of the period.

Many people were employed in the workshops that built and maintained horse-drawn vehicles. Trades such as wheelwrights, coach builders, coach painters and blacksmiths. Most of these trades no longer exist and the skills inherent in these trades are only maintained through special & dedicated interest groups. Still more people were employed in the times as coachmen, groomsmen and stable hands to drive the carriages, feed the horses and maintain the coach houses. All of these jobs have disappeared with the passing of the age of horse-drawn vehicles.

Our model kit of the Settlers Cart is based on photographs and measurements taken from actual carts of the period.

The model kit comes complete with all parts and fittings, laser cut timbers as well as 16 A3 pages of highly detailed instructions with over 70 colour photos.

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