How To Build a Model Ship Ladder


Fitting together the wooden ladders on model ship kits can pose a challenge. Here Australian Master Modeler Leon Griffiths displays is tips on how to build a model ship ladder.

Step 1

Using a scrap of wood and a drop of superglue, attach a make-shift stop to your cutters and cut all the step treads on your model ship ladder required.

Step 2

As you can see I use an “glue syringe” for applying white PVA glue. To seal the syringe I use a planking screw.

Step 3

Hold one side of the wooden ladder and fill the tread joints with white PVA glue.

Step 4

Wipe off the excess glue.

Step 5

Place the side up wise in the jaws of the vice and insert the step treads with a light pair of pliers.

Step 6

Align the treads with modeling tweezers – lightly moving the treads around until they meet.

Step 7

Place the wooden ladder back into the vice and slowly engage both side until excess glue is forced out.

Step 8

Place the completed model ship ladder on a solid surface. Using any metal probe and while the glue is still wet push down on all treads this will give you the preferred display side of your ladder.

This article was originally published by Sydney Model Shipbuilders Club. The copyright remains with the club and contributor.

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