HHMS Bounty - Corel Childrens Model Kit - Modelers Central

Skill Level : 1
Scale : 1:130
Length: 330mm
Width: 55mm
Height: 250mm


The Bounty was a small merchant vessel purchased by the ‘Royal Navy’ for a botanical expedition leaving England on the 23rd, December 1787 under the command of William Bligh.

The Bounty sailed from Spithead en route to Tahiti to acquire breadfruit plants and then transport them to the British colonies in the West Indies.

Unfortunately the mission was never completed due to a mutiny led by acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian that took place on the 28th April 1789.

Captain Bligh and the 18 men that stayed loyal to him were cast adrift on the Pacific Ocean in the ships boat. They managed to travel 4000 miles due to the expert navigational skills of Captain Bligh to East Timor in the Dutch Indies were they were rescued by a British naval expedition and returned home. The mutineers were almost all captured and punished. No more was ever known about Fletcher Christian.

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