HMS Victory - Corel Childrens Model Kit - Modelers Central

Skill Level : 1
Scale : 1:310
Length: 329mm
Width: 52mm
Height: 227mm


HMS Victory First Rate British Ship of the Line 1805. The Victory was built in the 1760’s, she was dismantled in 1800 and rebuilt in 1803. The Victory become Lord Nelsons Flagship and is a ‘First Rate Ship of the Line’ in the Royal Navy and is still a commissioned warship in the Royal Navy today.

The Victory has three main gun decks contained 104 cannons, she become famous due to one of the most celebrated naval battles of modern times that was fought off Cape Trafalgar on the 21st, October 1805 between the British fleet commanded by Admiral Nelson and the combined Franco-Spanish fleet.

Today HMS Victory is part of the Royal Naval Museum at Portsmouth and she is kept in her own dry dock where she can be visited by the public.

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