Vanguard Paddle Tug Wooden Model Ship Kit by Disar Models.

Skill Level : 3
Scale : 1:50
Year: 1841
Length: 28 inch (723mm)
Width: 12.6 inch (320mm)
Height: 8.7 inch (220mm)
Temporarily out of stock
Stock due in: November 2020


The Vanguard wooden paddle tug was built in 1841 by Thomas Ellis. It’s an earlier form of a wooden paddle tug with a heavily raked stem and tiller steering. The Tugs were used to tow sailing vessels in and out of the Tyne in North East England. They became a forerunner of the dedicated tugs that were to become a significant part of the scenery and history of the river Tyne for nearly 150 years. The benefts of the paddle tug were to allow larger vessels to navigate the river up to Newcastle and also to reduce the delays in port due to adverse wind and weather. After being in service and sold on to several owners, the Vanguard was scrapped in London in 1863.

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Vanguard Paddle Tug Wooden Model Ship Kit by Disar Models Detail Photo 1