Matthew Turner Brig - Modellers Shipyard Model Ship Kit

Skill Level : 3
Scale : 1:48
Year: 2017
Length: 34.5"(870mm)
Width: 13.5"(340mm)
Height: 27.5"(630mm)
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Matthew Turner Brigantine

Launched at Sausalito, California in April 2017 the brigantine Matthew Turner is the largest wooden sailing ship to be built in the San Francisco Bay Area in more than 100 years. Built of Douglas fir and Oregon white oak Matthew Turner has an overall length of 132 feet (40m), a beam of 25 feet (7.6m) and displacement of 175 tons (160 tonnes). Since the keel was laid in October 2013 over 600 volunteers have worked on building the vessel along with a highly experienced team of professional ship designers and builders.

Matthew Turner joins the fleet of "Call of the Sea" a non-profit organization founded by Captain Alan Olson in 1985. "Call of the Sea" is based in Sausalito, California and is dedicated to preserving maritime traditions and teaching the skills of seamanship and teamwork through its experiential sailing programs. Matthew Turner is the ultimate expression of Alan Olsen's 40 year vision: a grand vessel aboard which the young - and the not so young - can experience how it was for old-time sailors, while learning about sailing, ecology and the importance of good stewardship of our oceans.

The ship pays homage to the ship's namesake. Matthew Turner (June 17, 1825 - February 10, 1909) was an American sea captain, shipbuilder and designer. He constructed 228 vessels, of which 154 were built in the Matthew Turner shipyard in Benicia, California. He built more sailing vessels than any other single shipbuilder in America,and can be considered "the 'grandaddy' of big time wooden shipbuilding on the US Pacific Coast.

The main inspiration behind building Matthew Turner was the Turner designed brigantine Galilee, launched in 1891. Galilee spent much of her career as a packet, making swift passages back and forth between San Francisco and South Sea ports. She ended her days on the Sausalito mudflats - Galilee Harbor is named for her - but her stern is preserved at Fort Mason and her stem at Benicia.

More information on Call of the Sea and their educational programs can be found at their website -

This model of Matthew Turner is expertly designed having a layered hull construction to make assembly easy and straightforward. All laser cutting is clean and crisp and all parts and fittings are of the highest quality. The English building instructions provide highly detailed step-by-step descriptions supported by color photos of the model being built.

Additionally, a 4 DVD set on Building the Matthew Turner is available - in this video set a master modeler demonstrates every step of building the model.

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