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At the beginning of the 17th century all Europe was involved in the Thirty Years War. Gustav II Adolf was king of Sweden and anxious to take advantage of the war to raise his small, poor country to the rank of a major power. But to realize his ambition he had to have a fleet capable of dominating the waters of the Baltic Sea which separates Sweden from the rest of Europe. A number of big warships were therefore commissioned including the Wasa, the building of which under the supervision of the Dutch engineer Henrik Hybertsson, began in 1625.

This fine ship was armed with 64 cannon had a tonnage of 1300 tons, the length of the hull was 62 metres and total height was 50 metres. In the summer of the year 1628 the Wasa was in all its splendor was ready for her maiden voyage that sunny afternoon of August 10th. The voyage was tragically short because the Wasa with only four sails hoisted, was unable to resist a severe gust of wind and heeled over dangerously. She straightened up only to tilt over larboard, allowing water to pour in through the open ports. There was mourning throughout the land, followed, as often happens by controversy, terrible accusations and long trails.

Attempts at quick recovery of the ship did not give the hoped for results because in those days the necessary equipment for the job was lacking. In 1663 and 1664 fifty three guns were salvaged and later sold to Germany.
Finally in 1956, after accurate location of the sport where the Wasa went down, she was brought back to the surface, gradually restored and almost entirely rebuilt in accordance with the original drawings.

On October 16th 1958, the Swedish government opened the Wasa Museum and turned it over to the already existing Naval Museum. The public this has an opportunity to appreciate this wonderful ship built over 350 years.

Corel ship model plans are historically accurate and contain detail instructions on building the ship model.


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