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The HMS Victory, is the name of Nelsons Flagship, on which he was killed at Trafalgar. The battle of Trafalgar was one of the most famous battles in history, bitterly fought on the 21st October 1805, a few miles south-east of Cadiz, between English and French-Spanish fleets. This is one of the few ships of those times which has reached us in a perfectly preserved state. Begun in 1759 and launched in 1765, she was subjected to several rebuilding’s before arriving at Trafalgar. Having returned rather badly mauled to the same dock at Chatham where she had been constructed. The Victory once again took to the sea on 14th January 1922, to Portsmouth where she is still visible in dock.

Mantua has built its reputation on large, elaborately detailed ship model plans. The detail in their range of large ship model plans is exceptional.


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