Thoroughbred – Starter Train Set – HO Scale


Perfect for a beginner model train enthusiast! Let this one out of the stables and take it for a ride on some snap-fit E-Z Track®. Includes a F7 diesel locomotive with operating lights, open quad hopper, gondola, wide-vision caboose and body-mounted E-Z Mate® couplers. Everything you need to take control of Eastern Railroad’s “Norfolk Southern.”

A Thoroughbred like no other. This Bachmann HO Scale Starter Train Set invites you on an adventure with a different view. From the stables to the track, once these wheels start turning it’s hard to stop, because Thoroughbreds thrive on being the best. As it begins rounding the bend is when it really takes full stride, running wild as it should be.

Established in 1833 initially as a producer of handcrafted ivory accessories, Bachmann’s 180 year commitment to quality has been an enjoyable ride and still continues to this day! Bachmann Trains are known for their extensive and award-winning range of model railroad products. The vision for Bachmann has never changed nor has it been more clear – Provide innovative craftsmanship at affordable prices and in a variety of choices.


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