The Corel Model Ship Plans Wappen Von Hamburg are quality Corel Model Boat Plans making for a great Wooden Model Ship. Get Started on your Hobby today!

Scale : 1:40
Length: 43-1/2" (1100mm)
Height: 36" (910mm)
No of Sheets: 7

Ship Model Plans - Wappen von Hamburg

The 58 gun, Wappen Von Hamburg was commissioned by Admiral Karpfanger, and she was then employed, very successfully as a heavily armed Convoy Escort Ship. He engaged and sank a large number pirate ships during her short but colourful career. On October 10th, 1683 fire broke out on board in the port of Cadiz. The magazine exploded killing Admiral Karpfinger and 22 others and destroyed the ship. This model unique of its kind, has been designed to offer an excellent model in terms of quality.

Corel ship model plans are historically accurate and contain detail instructions on building the ship model.

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