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Scale : 1:64
Length: 31-1/2" (800mm)
Height: 25" (630mm)
No of Sheets: 14

Ship Model Plans - HMS Fly

The H.M.S. Fly was the fifth of the Swan Class of ship rigged sloop, of 25 vessels built from 1766 to 1780. Fly, as with the entire Swan class was designed by Williams and her construction was ordered by the Admiralty on 1st August 1775 to be built at Sheerness Dockyard. The keel was laid in January 1776 and launched on 14th September 1776. H.M.S. Fly was commissioned mainly for convoy escort duty and dispatch duty. She did capture a French privateer, Le Gleneur, off Portland after a long chase.

In 1800 she captured another French privateer, the Cutter Trompeur off La Hague. Fly continued convoy du-ties until she foundered and was lost off Newfound-land during 1802. The Swan class were unusually attractive for the class of vessel, with not only very sleek hull lines but also the unusual amount of decorations for the size of vessel.

The original plans of the Fly still exist, and on these plans the ship model kit is drawn. The rich ornamentation of the original vessel is accurately reproduced. Clearly written instructions plus 12 sheets of detailed plans (3 of them dedicated to rigging) pave the way to a beautiful model with exceptional detail.

Victory Models offer comprehensive ship model plans and the highly detail English instructions will assist you throughout the whole construction process. Victory Models are at the forefront of innovate ship model plans producing some of the highest quality ship model plans available.

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