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Scale : 1:64
Length: 31-1/2" (800mm)
Height: 23-1/2" (600mm)
No of Sheets: 14
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Ship Model Plans - HMS Pegasus

H.M.S. Pegasus was the sixth vessel built of the Swan Class of ship rigged sloop, of which twenty five of the class were built from 1766 to 1780. Pegasus, as with the entire Swan class was designed by Williams and her construction was ordered by the Admiralty on 1st August 1775 to be built at Sheerness Dockyard. The keel was laid in May 1775 and launched on 27th December 1776. The Swan class of 6th Rate sloops were unusually attractive for the class of vessel, with not only very sleek hull lines but also the unusual amount of decoration for the size of vessel. They were built just before the Admiralty issued orders that all vessels (especially lesser rates) were to have the minimal amount of decoration and carvings to save any unnecessary costs, due to the seemingly ever continuing war with France and other nations.

There is little remaining about H.M.S. Pegasus operational career, but from what little evidence there is, Pegasus was commissioned mainly for convoy escort and dispatch duty. Pegasus had a very short operation career, foundering off Newfoundland on 31st October 1777, her sister, H.M.S. Fly also foundered off Newfoundland some years later in 1802. The original plans of the Pegasus still exist, and it is with these plans the kit is based upon. The instruction booklet is very detailed, taking you through every step of construction.

Victory Models offer comprehensive ship model plans and the highly detail English instructions will assist you throughout the whole construction process. Victory Models are at the forefront of innovate ship model plans producing some of the highest quality ship model plans available.

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