The Corel Model Ship Kit Mirage is a quality Corel Model Boat Kit making for a great Wooden Model Ship Kit. Get Started on your Hobby today!

Skill Level : 4
Scale : 1:75
Length: 34" (855mm)
Height: 32" (815mm)

MIRAGE - 84 Gun First Rate Ship

The period between the 16th century and the middle of the 17th century, can be considered the golden period of sailing ships. A period in which even some essentially sea-going characteristics of the men-of-war were sacrificed to the exigencies of aesthetics.

This resulted in a tight rivalry between architects, artists and woodworking masters to apply decorations and trimmings, the masters of the ship, once arrived in the open sea, hurried to remove to make their ship easier to handle.

The Mirage, is a true reproduction to scale of a first-class admiral ship, armed with 84 guns, belonging to the French navy in the time of Louis XIV.

Corel Model Ship Kits & Corel Model Boat Kits are historically accurate and all ship model kits contain the highest quality parts, cast metal fittings and photo-etched brass parts, and the best available timbers. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly.

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