The Corel Model Ship Kit Misticque is a quality Corel Model Boat Kit making for a great Wooden Model Ship Kit. Get Started on your Hobby today!

Skill Level : 3
Scale : 1:50
Length: 32" (810mm)
Height: 22" (550mm)

MISTICQUE - French Xebec 1750

The Misticque built in the Marseilles shipyards around the middle of the eighteenth century, and sailed until the beginning of the nineteenth. She was a three master, being equipped with a lateen sail on the foremast, and square sails on both the main and mizzen masts. If becalmed or in difficulties with her sails, she could revert to her oars. To all extents and purpose her hull is that of a xebec, thus earning the ship her title of 'Polacre-Xebec'. She was a trading vessel, but to defend herself by privateers attacks, she was provided with 15 guns.

The Misticque had a constricted area of covered quarters, but she was a trader, most the of Misticque's space below decks was dedicated to the stowing of the cargo, with subsequent sacrifice of the crew's living quarters, sadly a not uncommon thing in trading vessels of that era.

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