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Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:60
Length: 30-1/2" (780mm)
Height: 22" (560mm)

ADVENTURE - Pirate Ship 1760 - Starters Pack

Why not think about getting the Adventure - Pirate Ship 1760 - Starters Pack which includes:

> Adventure Pirate Ship 1760 ship model kit;
> Beginners Tool Kit - Basic covering all your beginner modeling needs;
>The Complete Beginners Guide to Model Ship Building - 104 page ebook & 5 DVD practicums covering Hull Planking, Deck Planking, Masting & Rigging

This unique set provides the easiest possible introduction to the world of modeling.

You won't need to purchase any further tools, books or DVD practicums.

Don't delay, why not get started today on your new hobby which we know will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

Edward England, the scourge of the African Waters; John Calico Rackam, who plundered West Indies together with his lady pirate Anne Bonny; Bartholomew Roberts, who became a pirate for love of novelty and change; Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard: these were the men who led crews of violent and homeless sailors to the plundering of towns and ships.

Amati wooden model ship kits are faithful interpretations of the original vessel. All materials are of the finest available and plans and instructions are always excellent and easily followed. Amati has integrated computer design and the latest materials to produce high quality ship model kits.

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Adventure - Model Ship Starters Pack - Modelers Central