Ship Model Modellers Shipyard - Colonial Ketch Mary Byrne - Starters Pack

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:48
Length: 23" (590mm)
Height: 19-1/2" (490mm)

Colonial Ketch Mary Byrne 1826 - Starters Pack

Why not think about getting the Mary Byrne - Starters Pack which includes:

1. Colonial Ketch Mary Byrne 1826
2. Beginners Tool Kit - Basic
3. The Complete Beginners Guide to Model Ship Building ebook & 5 DVDs

Ketches were river & coastal traders brought to the colonies of Australia by Europeans in the early nineteenth century that evolved into designs that suited Australian coastal & river waters. The vessels had two masts and a simple sets of sails so they could be managed by crews of three seafarers.

Ketches were integral to Australia's maritime history. They connected the city and country before the advent of road and rail. The ketch is quite manoeuvrable in light winds and with a shallow draught they were well suited to negotiate the coastal rivers to transport farm products, grain and minerals to the city and shipping goods and supplies to isolated river and coastal communities along the extended coast of east and south eastern Australia.

The ketch Mary Byrne is named after a young Irish girl. In 1826 Mary Byrne was sentenced in Dublin to seven years and transported to the colony of New South Wales from Dublin. Her crime was stealing a lace handkerchief. Mary's mother Jane appealed in writing to the local authorities to save her daughter on the grounds that she was an only child and her father was dead. This was all to no avail. Mary was transported on the Lady Rowena, which left Dublin in January 1826 and arrived in Sydney in May. The ship carried 102 females from Ireland, most transported for 7 years for minor crimes.

Upon arrival in Sydney Mary was assigned to Mr Still, at Bunkers Hill as a servant. The Sydney Gazette reported that Mary had an argument with a fellow worker in the kitchen which resulted in the police being summoned. Her employer Mrs Still came to her defence saying she was a church going lass and engaged to a policeman. Mary, again, found herself in trouble when another employer refused to pay her and Mary confronted the woman demanding her wages. This time, Mary received 3 months in the Female Factory at Parramatta. There is no doubt Mary was a feisty lass, for upon sentencing Mary was heard to state that she didn't care as she'd just have to sweep a few floors.

Mary eventually set-up house in the Rocks area of Sydney with John Burke, himself a convict who was issued with a ticket of leave. John Burke was a blacksmith, by trade but did serve some time as a police officer. The 1828 census shows that Mary and John had a daughter called Margaret, but sadly there is no further evidence of her existence. In about 1832 they had a son called John, who went on to marry Mary Coe at St Mary's church in 1856. Mary Coe too, was descended from convicts.

We next hear of Mary Byrne, when she was admitted to the Sydney General Hospital in May 1842. She died soon after of Erysipelas, which was also written up in the Sydney Gazette. The government records of Mary's autopsy state that she had a 'visitation from God'. Mary died, a convict, when she was just 36 years of age. Mary Byrnes descendants lived in The Rocks for well over 100 years and continue to live in Australia today.

This ship model kit is a double plank on bulkhead construction with laser cut plywood. The ship model kit comes complete with all timber, rigging cord, and wooden and metal fittings. All parts and fittings are of the highest quality. It Includes 46 A3 pages of full colour photos and detailed drawings.

The Mary Byrne model is dedicated to Mary Byrne and her descendants.

Modellers Shipyard offer historically accurate wooden ship model kits which are faithful interpretations of the original vessels.

Don't delay, why not get started today on your new hobby which we know will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

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