Ship Model Modellers Shipyard - HM Cutter Mermaid - Starters Pack

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:50
Length: 23" (590mm)
Height: 17-1/2" (450mm)

HM Cutter Mermaid 1817 - Starters Pack

Why not think about getting the HM Cutter Mermaid 1817 - Starter Pack which includes:

> HM Cutter Mermaid model ship kit;
> Beginners Tool Kit - Basic covering all your beginner modeling needs;
>The Complete Beginners Guide to Model Ship Building - 104 page ebook & 5 DVD practicums covering Hull Planking, Deck Planking, Masting & Rigging

This unique set provides the easiest possible introduction to the world of modeling.

You won't need to purchase any further tools, books or DVD practicums.

Don't delay, why not get started today on your new hobby which we know will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

The HM Cutter Mermaid was built of teak in Calcutta; she was less than a year old when commissioned on 16 October 1817. For the next 3 years Lieutenant Phillip Parker King, RN, used the Mermaid for her designated task of 'Exploring and Surveying the Coast of Australia'. Mermaid survived three voyages of discovery under King's command but it was the third voyage involving a complete circumnavigation of the Australian mainland which draws closest scrutiny. On 8 May 1819 Mermaid sailed north, conducting the first reliable survey of the Great Barrier Reef Inner Route, opening it to commercial traffic. From then onwards King ran running surveys along the entire coastline until, with Mermaid leaking badly, he knew this survey was over. At the location King named Careening Bay, the hull was patched up for 3 weeks until 9 October. During this time King carved 'HMC Mermaid 1820' on the single Boab tree at the rear of the bay. This example of historic graffiti remains to this day.

Mermaid sailed and entered the calm waters of Sydney Cove on 9 December 1820, some 25 weeks and 3 days since sailing, having circumnavigated the continent. Unfortunately, ironically, she ran aground in the very route she had opened to shipping off the present site of Cairns, in 1829, and was lost. In January 2009 the wreck of the Mermaid was found by a team of marine archaeologists from the Australian National Maritime Museum. The site of the wreck has now been declared a maritime heritage site.

A double plank on bulkhead construction with laser cut plywood. This ship model kit comes complete with all timber, rigging cord, and wooden and metal fittings. All parts and fittings are of the highest quality. It Includes 48 pages of detailed instructions with photographs and diagrams, and 4 sheets of construction plans.

Modellers Shipyard offer historically accurate wooden ship model kits which are faithful interpretations of the original vessels. The comprehensive instructional DVDs, plans and highly detailed English instructions will assist you throughout the whole construction process. All ship model kits are double plank on bulkhead construction and only use the highest quality parts.

The recommend retail price is $600 however it is available now for only $418

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Ship Model Modellers Shipyard - HM Cutter Mermaid - Starters Pack - Detail 1
Ship Model Modellers Shipyard - HM Cutter Mermaid - Starters Pack - Detail 2
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