Ship Model Modellers Shipyard - Port Jackson - Starters Pack

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:50
Length: 23" (590mm)
Height: 17-1/2" (450mm)

Port Jackson Schooner 1803 - Starters Pack

Why not think about getting the Port Jackson Schooner 1803 - Starters Pack which includes:

> Port Jackson Schooner model kit;
> Beginners Tool Kit - Basic covering all your beginner modeling needs;
>The Complete Beginners Guide to Model Ship Building - 104 page ebook & 5 DVD practicums covering Hull Planking, Deck Planking, Masting & Rigging

This unique set provides the easiest possible introduction to the world of modeling.

You won't need to purchase any further tools, books or DVD practicums.

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Port Jackson Schooner - In September 1788, only 18 months after the founding of the new colony on the shores of Port Jackson - now better known as Sydney Harbour, Governor Arthur Phillip sent a message to his superiors in England requesting two vessels to be sent out in frame, with a few shipwrights to put them together. After considerable delay, drafts were prepared for a 'Schooner for Port Jackson'.

The original drafts are still in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England and are the raw material on which our drawings and kit of the 'Colonial Schooner Port Jackson' are based.

We have no records available to show whether in fact our schooner was actually constructed or if so what become of her, however, our model is in every way an accurate representation of an early Australian colonial schooner as constructed by the infant industry that emerged during the 15 years waiting for a completed response to Governor Arthur Phillip's original request.

A drawing of the 'Mercury' owned by Mary Reiby an early Sydney merchant appears on the Australian $20 currency note. The 'Mercury' is identical to the 'Port Jackson-Schooner'.

A double plank on bulkhead construction with laser cut plywood. This ship model kit comes complete with all timber, rigging cord, and wooden and metal fittings. All parts and fittings are of the highest quality. It Includes 30 pages of detailed instructions with diagrams, and 2 sheets of construction plans.

Modellers Shipyard offer historically accurate wooden ship model kits which are faithful interpretations of the original vessels. The comprehensive instructional DVDs, plans and highly detailed English instructions will assist you throughout the whole construction process. All ship model kits are double plank on bulkhead construction and only use the highest quality parts.

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Ship Model Modellers Shipyard - Port Jackson - Starters Pack - Detail 1
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