Model Ship Hand Tools & Model Boat Hand Tools

The largest range of Wooden Model Ship Hand Tools and model boat hand Tools available. Our range of Model Ship Hand Tools have been designed to cater for the detailed and intricate work required for model ship building & model boat building. Here you will find a very comprehensive range of tools to assist you in making the perfect model ship & model boat.

Cutters, knives and blades.
Drills, Drill Sets and Pin Vices
Modelling Hammers and Nail Nailers  
Vices, clamps, forceps, pliers, tweezers and planking screws  
Magnifying glasses, helpful for working with smaller parts and details.
Accurate marking and measuring devices.  
Useful for forming bends in model ship hull planking.
Tools to assist in rigging Model Ships
Model Ship Building Saws and Blades  
Mini Planer, Files and Sanders