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PIKO was founded in 1949 and manufactures its own products at its headquarters factory in Sonneberg, Germany, and at its own factory, PIKO China, in Chashan, PRC.

PIKO manufactures over 1500 different products in G-Scale, HO-Scale, TT-Scale and N-Scale which include various locomotives, passenger and freight cars as well as buildings. PIKO A-track with roadbed is ideal for beginners, intermediate and advanced model railroaders and allows for the easy expansion of the track design.

PIKO has an attractive, affordable and quality range of model railway products suitable for the beginner through to the expert with their myTrain sets for children, Starter Sets and Expert sets. PIKO use digital technology SmartControl and PIKO SmartProgramer for smartphone control.

The PIKO range of steam, electric and diesel locomotives are representative of many European countries and eras. Each locomotive has rugged construction, is realistically and accurately detailed and easy to run. Our range of PIKO locomotives is presented below.
The PIKO range of carriages include passenger car, freight cars, gondolas, caboose, boxcars, tank cars, flat cars and flat cars with containers.
PIKO A-Track and PIKO A-Track with Roadbed i s made from high quality nickel silver alloy and has good electrical conductivity even on long track sections. Rail joiners ensure constant power, and guarantee good electrical conductivity at the rail joints. The ties are made of high quality ABS plastic, which is characterised by its high impact resistance, noise reduction and a resistance to cracking...