The Best 4 Viking Model Ships You Can Build

Viking ships are a classic symbol of the historical Vikings, who were renowned mariners and explorers. These carved wooden ship models can show a craftsman’s skill and talents in exact shapes, carving patterns, color palette, painting and decorating.

There are various kinds of Viking model ship such as dragon head ship, Barque ship, Knarr ship, Drakkar ship, longship and more that you appeal to hobbyist and craftsman of all experience levels. For beginners just lock your passion on building a top-notch Viking ship model. For experts, focus on the minor details. But first, you need a model ship to start with. Here’s our top 4 Viking model ships you can craft.


The Classic Viking Longship Model

A classic. The Longship was the mainstay of the Viking fleet, and was essential in the Viking invasion and colonization of North America. The most famous Longships were the ones that King Harald Hardrada (also known as: Harold Harefoot) and King Olaf Tryggvason used to invade England. They were powered by both sails and oars, making them fast and maneuverable.

The longship allowed Vikings to travel huge distances. It had no interior cabins or beds, but it did have a mast which could be lowered and raised by ropes. The sails could be raised in order to protect the crew from inclement weather conditions. In the event of an attack, it was common for the Vikings to leave their benches and stand with spears in hand so that they were better prepared to defend themselves against invaders.

The design is based on a simple platform with limited freeboard, a shallow draft, and a wide beam to accommodate additional rowers. The Longship had an open deck with no roof or cover. In a naval battle it is important to have space to move around without being hindered by a roof or canopy. A large sail was always carried.

The longship Viking model ship is a classic that deserves to be built by model ship enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels.

The 9th Century Gokstad Viking Model Ship

Sailors that lived during the Viking age were a special breed of people. They had to be hardy and tough to withstand the long voyages and rough seas. However, it was also important for them to be skilled craftsmen as well to build their ships. As such, the Gokstad has a very long keel which makes it easier to sail into the wind. This shows that Vikings were very skilled ship builders and had advanced knowledge of sailing techniques. There are even carvings on the ship depicting dragon’s heads as well as images of long-haired people wearing hats and horned helmets.

The Gokstad is one of the better Viking model ships that you can construct. The real Gokstad ship was built by a man named Oseberg around the year 900. It was excavated in 1880 in a large burial mound in Gokstad, Sandar, Vestfold County, Norway and is now on display at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway. This model will take some time and patience to construct, but you will be amazed at the true-to-life detail it represents when finished.

The Speedy Drakkar Ship Model

The largest Viking ship ever built, the Drakkar, saw action from the late 8th century to the year 1003. The ship was constructed in Roskilde on the east coast of Denmark and is today on display at the Viking Ship Museum.

The original Drakkar that this Viking model ship is crafted after was known for its speed. It was modeled after the shallow drafted boats that were used on rivers and lakes by the Norsemen during their invasion of Britain. The Drakkar was in use up until the early 11th century. The long ships were extremely versatile and could be used for raiding, trade, and exploration. Their ability to sail close to the wind and fast rowing rate combined with their excellent maneuverability made them very dangerous opponents.

Constructing this model pays homage to the incredible Viking history from centuries past and the sheer size of their creations that astonishes people even today.

The Robust Viking Knarr Model

The Knarr was a Viking ship used for exploration and trade. It was built to be light and easy to navigate, so that it could handle journeys on both rivers and open water. The Knarr was constructed with a long, flat bottom so it could navigate shallow rivers and bayous. In addition, it had a curved keel to keep the ship upright, as well as a rudder for steering and two masts for sails.

It was one of the most common ship types in Norse seafaring during the Viking Age and found particular use as an Atlantic-going cargo ship, a warship, and a slave ship. The term is sometimes used to refer to any seagoing vessel built for Scandinavian trading purposes, including the cogs, which were not as specialized.

The most famous Knarr to date is the Skuldelev 1, which is a replica of an 11th century Viking ship found in Denmark. It has been reconstructed and continues to be sailed today.

The ship is a fantastic project for anyone who likes to sail and would like to try out their skills before doing a bigger, more detailed model. It also makes a great addition to your collection of miniature ships.

Key Takeaways

Start Your Craft with Our Top 4 Viking Model Ships

Constructing a Viking model ship can be a wonderful and informative hobby for people of all ages. Building a Viking model ship will enable you to experience the complexities of medieval ship building and the hardships that were faced by the people who built them.

Ultimately, the Viking ship models that you build should speak to your imagination as much as they do to your eyes. As long as you can achieve a nice balance of the two, you’re well on your way to achieving your own perfect model ship. We’ve linked each ship to our own offerings so you can more easily start your ship-building journey. And once you’ve finished, we’d love to see your final work.

The Best 4 Viking Model Ships You Can Build 4

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