5 YouTube Channels for Model Ship Building at Any Level

A quick search on YouTube brings up about 75,000 results when you are looking for videos about model ship building. By the time you read this blog post there are likely to be more. YouTube is growing very rapidly as more and more people upload videos to share with others.
In this post we will talk about the best YouTube accounts for model ship building at any skill level.

This will save you time and energy, help you find the most useful videos, allow you to connect with people who are experienced at this craft and lastly help you to learn new wonderful skills that you can use in your own modeling.

These 5 accounts are not listed in any particular order.




Model Ship Building Youtube Channels

1. John Aliprantis

John Aliprantis began modeling as a teenager. He started making beautiful wooden ships in 2001 and has certainly made a number of model ships since then.

John has created a YouTube channel and has produced an attractive video to introduce viewers to this work.

He creates videos that describe unboxing of kits, the construction of models, and many hints and tips for modelers.

Here’s a very good example of the professional way John goes about creating videos for his YouTube Channel. 

Firstly he produces an unboxing video of the OcCre HMS Beagle. Next he videos himself in each phase of the construction. To show these phases he has uploaded 11 videos showing the construction of the hull, deck and bulwarks. Importantly he shows clearly the steps involved in planking. Each video is about 14 minutes in length.

John has over 13K subscribers to his channel. Viewers enjoy John’s videos and often write very positive comments. John is happy to answer questions from people.

2. Toms Modelling in Motion

Tom’s Modelling in Motion Youtube Channel is filled with exciting videos of Scale modelling, Stopmotion, 3D-Animation and Music-Video-Experiments.

To explain the approach he takes to his work Tom says ‘ I animate kits in stop motion and work on different video techniques to get some interesting stories. My channel is a playground of several experiments for entertainment’.

To get a real taste of Tom’s stopmotion work check out the recent video of the magic of his work in motion on Amati’s Lady Nelson.

He has a number of playlists that will be of interest in model ship builders and model plane builders.

At the moment he has videos on building OcCre HMS Terror and Amati Lady Nelson . It’s a small selection for model ships but it has a very different presentation style and I’m sure Tom will be adding to this playlist.

Tom has a playlist of wooden model airplanes that include Red Baron’s famous triplane “Fokker Dr. I”: 750 pieces in motion and the Amati Bleriot built-in Stop motion

For those of you with wider interests Tom has videos on modeling in plastic and metal. He also has a selection of tutorials.
Tom’s work is very cutting edge as he uses stopmotion and 3D animation to really bring the models to life. 

3. Alex Modeling

Alex Modeling is a YouTube channel that focuses on planes builds, armour builds and ship building. Alex enjoys building a range of models made by different brands all over the world. He says he enjoys all models such as Revell, Tamiya, Airfix, Eduard, Hasegawa, Academy and Finemolds.

Alex has a full build of the Occre Albatros with 8 episodes each of around 15 minutes each. He has a playlist of a number of wooden model ship kits he has built.

Another interesting project was the build of the Agora Model Bismarck, which is a scale of 1:200. Agora models are large plastic projects but the range of options may tempt some modelers looking for something else.

4. Ohla Batchvarov

Ohla Batchvarov is a talented female shipmodeler and photographer from Ukraine and currently living in the United States. She is a shipmodeler and photographer who has turned her hobby into a different lifestyle. Olhas notes her background is civil engineering which has really helped her with her modeling.

Ohlas YouTube channel is called the Ship Modelers Lab.

The channel is dedicated to ship modeling and everything connected with it.

Exhibitions, competitions and maritime museums. Build models from keel to final photo shoot, with details and secrets as it was done … Here’s Ohlas welcome video to give you an idea of her work.

In her library Ohla has a massive number of reference books and she has provided 91 video overviews of a range of different books. Click on to see her overview of Sovereign of the Seas by John McKay. The videos are very useful for people who like to see the inside contents of a book before they may purchase it online.

In her extensive range of playlists Ohlas presents unboxings of kits, full construction of model kits, scratch build models and many tips and hints for modelers.

Looking at the playlist for full construction of model kits we see that Olha has built Amati Pinta 1492 and a scale model of Admiral Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory, plus many others.
Ohla offers an extensive range of videos with new uploads twice a week. 

5. Carlo Lupio – Tagliamare

Carlo began modeling in 2014 and began sharing his modeling on social media in 2018. He created Tagliamare a Youtube channel for Naval Modeling for the Beginner.

He has produced a log built of the Amati New Bedford Whaleboat, in a series of 7 videos. These are in English. Carlos videos are short and clear providing the critical detail for each step of the build. If you are time poor and want concise information these videos are about 5 minutes long.

Key Takeaways

Tagliamare is creating a series of things that beginning builders need to know before starting modeling. This playlist already has videos on how to colour ropes and another about how to make ropes appear more realistic.

We have included this Youtube channel because it is one to really watch. Carlos is an excellent modeler and has the beginning modeler in mind with his work. 

Model Ship Building Youtube

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