Ship Model Plans - Toulonaisse


Launched in Toulon on 13th August 1823, the Toulonnaise took part in the Spanish War under the command of Captain Joursin, it was stationed at Barcelona, then went to Cadiz where it was involved in the cannon attack on the port facilities.

In 1823, in Brest, the ship was subjected to a complete overhaul, which included the substation of part of the internal and external gunwales, the stringer and the bridge planking, as well as the complete renewal of the upper deck superstructure. Again in 1836, at Fort Royal in Martinique, other repairs were found to be necessary. The Toulonnaise was eliminated from the fleet on 18th December 1843 in Brest, after a special commission decided that it was uneconomical to proceed with further repairs that were necessary.

Corel ship model plans are historically accurate and contain detail instructions on building the ship model.


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