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Scale : 1:96
No of Sheets: 4

Ship Model Plans - Herzogin Cecile

Herzogin Cecile was the most photgraphed of all modern sailing ships,and certainly the best known. Built by Rickmers of Bremer-haven in 1902 as an ocean-going cargo-cadet ship for the North German Lloyd Line, she had a registered tonnage of 3,242 and carried a crew of 100 all told, officers,c adets and seamen She was in the service of her original owners until the end of the 1914-18 war when she was handed over to France and ultimately sold to Captain Gustaf Erikson.

Captain Erikson put her in the grain trade with the rest of his fleet, and in that capacity she was regular visitor to the UK until her starnding in 1936 when she finally broke up near Salcombe, Devon.

The following plans have been redrawn from the original yard drawings and show her as she was in her training days, at which time she had both bow and stern decorated by scroll baords of teak.

The plans show her original carved work, but also include a drawing of the figurehead as it was in the days of Captain Erikson' ownership.

Harold Underhill Plans have been produced to meet the needs of those wishing to build authentic scale ship models, and every care has been taken to ensure accurate detail. In the case of named ships they have been compiled from the original builders' plans and specifications, personal survey of the actual vessel, or both. Where possible, any changes made during the life of the ship have been noted on the drawings.

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