The Corel Model Ship Kit Peregrine is a quality Corel Model Boat Kit making for a great Wooden Model Ship Kit. Get Started on your Hobby today!

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:100
Length: 17" (430mm)
Height: 12-1/2" (320mm)
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Stock due in: July 2021

HMS PEREGRINE - Sixth Rate 1686

The HMS Peregrine is based on one of the original plans of Keltridge's times, for the admiral, and is the reproduction of a small vessel classified as 'sixth rate' armed with 18-20 small caliber cannons, built in 1686 for the fleet of King George III.

As customary at the time, the shipyard drawings showed the hill and the superstructures of the ship, with only limited hints for the masting and rigging. Therefore the model bases these parts on our research, using documents and pictures of the time which detail the entire ship. It is also necessary to take into account that towards the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century, most ships of this type underwent a complete and radical transformation of their equipment, during major repair and structural maintenance. The most evident sign of this is the elimination of the small spritsail-topsail mast, replaced by the job boom as an extension of the bowsprit. Our model represents this final configuration.

These type of vessels were too small and lightly armed to participate in the great naval battles alongside the much mightier, so called 'line' ships and were, therefore, used for other purposes, such as to escort cargo ships, for exploration, transporting messages or for the travel of important persons. King George II chose a unit of this type for himself in 1749, and had its internal furnishing radically transformed, becoming the famous Royal Yacht Caroline.

Corel Model Ship Kits & Corel Model Boat Kits are historically accurate and all ship model kits contain the highest quality parts, cast metal fittings and photo-etched brass parts, and the best available timbers. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly.

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