The Corel Model Ship Kit Resolution is a quality Corel Model Boat Kit making for a great Wooden Model Ship Kit. Get Started on your Hobby today!

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:50
Length: 31" (780mm)
Height: 25" (630mm)

HMS RESOLUTION - Cutter 17th Century

The HMS Resolution was a British cutter-of-war built around the beginning of the 18th century. When its first made its appearance at as probable transformation of the Dutch 'bezaan jacht', its main features were a single mast carrying a large spanker with peak and boom, jib and flying jib, and often by one square sail or more. Generally streamlined and of greater draught the cutters were extremely fast and had a discrete possibility of maneuvering even in narrow waters or rough seas. Consequently, besides fast transport of precious, perishable goods, the cutters were used immediately by Navy as advice and patrol boats. In England at the end of the 18th and beginning of 19th century, smugglers and coastguards used armed cutters. The cutter rigging, introduced by the French during the Napoleonic wars, was always little diffused in Italy, solely on the Ligurian and Tuscan coasts, in particular with the armoring of a second small maneuvering mast astern and spanker without without boom.

Corel Model Ship Kits & Corel Model Boat Kits are historically accurate and all ship model kits contain the highest quality parts, cast metal fittings and photo-etched brass parts, and the best available timbers. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly.

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