Guide to Making a Half Model for wooden model ship building and model boat building  - Practicums (DVDs) available. Learn the secrets of model ship building.


Guide to Making a Half Model

This 50 minute DVD a master modeler demonstrates how to carve a block of timber to produce a half model and then to use this model to make the keel and frames for a plank-on-bulkhead constructed model ship.

Demonstration is given while the master modeler crafts a half model of the HMS Investigator sailed by Matthew Flinders in his circumnavigation of the Australian continent 1801-1803.

The HMS Investigator is one of the most significant ships in the rich maritime history of Australia's early colonial exploration period.

There is a wealth of information from original sources that describe the dimensions and particular features of the Investigator. However there are no surviving sheer, waterline or body plans for the vessel from which a model could be built.

In this DVD the master modeler applies his considerable shipwright and naval architect experience and draws upon the essential information from the original sources to design and carve a 1:48 scale half model of the HMS Investigator.

The master modeler then uses the half model to make the keel and bulkhead frames for a model of the Investigator. The techniques demonstrated in this DVD are transferable to the design and carving of any half model.

If you are serious about becoming a scratch model builder and want to build a model of a vessel where there are no plans then this DVD is essential viewing.

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