The Corel Model Ship Kit Shenandoah is a quality Corel Model Boat Kit making for a great Wooden Model Ship Kit. Get Started on your Hobby today!

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:50
Length: 27-1/2" (700mm)
Height: 23" (590mm)

SHENANDOAH - American Cutter 1804

The ship model Shenandoah is a reproduction of a 'custom cutter' of the period of the American Civil War. This term is generally used to indicate smaller vessels used for the rapid transport of precious, perishable goods long the Atlantic coast, and in operations of support and provisions to the larger fleet. The common feature of these vessels was the sails, which besides high speed, guaranteed a discrete possibility of maneuvers, even with rough seas.

During the Civil War, the Confederate States Navy remained without any type of fleet as all its vessels had stayed in the North with the union States and had to commission abroad the construction of high sea vessels to be used for privateering and for violation of the unionist naval block.

To defend the southern coasts and rivers, all available trading vessels were requested; paddle steamers, ferryboats and a large number of cutters. Besides remote surveillance of the unionist fleet, one the cutter's task as to force the northern block and reach the privateering vessels at high sea, sending messages and supplying logistic support. Word has it that some cutters, piloted by French and Italian adventures, travelled almost regularly back and forth between the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and the Bermudas, where they met the English Vessels carrying ammunition and luxury articles, which were then sold at fabulous price on the markets of the besieged South.

Corel Model Ship Kits & Corel Model Boat Kits are historically accurate and all ship model kits contain the highest quality parts, cast metal fittings and photo-etched brass parts, and the best available timbers. Wherever possible all parts are pre-cut and ready for assembly.

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