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Skill Level : 2
Length: 28-1/2" (720mm)
Width: 4" (100mm)
Height: 5-3/4" (153mm)
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BAVARIAN - BR18 Locomotive

The S 3/6 performed excellently on long distance routes, in 1951 pulling a train of 150 tonnes over a distance of 180 kilometres, from Hamburg to Munich, only stopping to top up on water. The 'S' is for 'Schnellzuglocomotiven' (long-distance train) and 3/6 is the number of drive axles compared with total axles. These locomotives were mainly used on long-distance lines in Bavaria, although they also pulled such famous trains as the Orient Express and Rheingold, the Ostend-Vienna Express or the Paris-Carlsbad-Prague Express.

Multiple variations were applied throughout this locomotive’s history, mainly in terms of the cab, boiler and engine mechanisms.

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