DVD Practicums

Our DVD Practicums provide comprehensive demonstration & narration by master modelers in an actual workshop setting. Countless modeling tips and techniques are shown as a model is built that will be transferable to the building of other models.

Our DVDs come in either NTSC  or PAL format  - you can select the required format during the checkout process.

NTSC format is used in USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea & Philippines.

PAL format is used in Europe (most), Australia, New Zealand, China, India and Israel.

All prices are in USD.

The ship model kit DVD building practicums provide a comprehensive narration and demonstration by a Master Modeler on specific models. The Modeler takes the viewer through assembling and planking the hull and deck, building the deck furniture and completing the standing and running rigging. The Modeler presents each step of construction, demonstrating his many model ship building tips and techniques.
We have a wide range of DVD practicums to provide an introduction for the modeler on techniques and approaches to building a period wooden model ship. Each DVD provides wise advice and guidance based on the knowledge of experienced modelers.