Euromodel Announcement

Euromodel Model Ship Kits
January 25, 2019

For over 30 years we have stocked Euromodel model ship kits for the global model ship building community. It is with sadness that we have to announce Euromodel are no longer manufacturing their high-quality model ship kits at this time.

For over 30 years we have stocked Euromodel model ship kits for the global model ship building community. It is with sadness that we have to announce Euromodel are no longer manufacturing their high-quality model ship kits at this time.

Euromodel located in Lake Como Italy, have manufactured authentic wooden ship models since 1970. They produced the most authentic and intricately detailed wooden ship models. Each is a masterpiece. Their ship model kits are historically accurate and rich in detail. These ship model kits are best for the experienced model builder. The naval architect-drawn designs are some of the most comprehensive and showed all the necessary detail.

The following Euromodel kits are no longer in production:

  • Ajax - English Frigate 176

  • Derfflinger - 17th Century Felucca

  • HMS Falmout - English India Companies 1752

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Zu Perde - XVII Century

  • La Renommee - 18th Century French Frigate

  • Lyde - 18th Century English Schooner

  • Mourdaunt - 4th Rate English Vessell

  • Royal William - First Rate English Vessel 1790

  • Schiffetto Carlofortino - Mediteranean Fishing Vessel


Ajax Model Ship Kit


AJAX - English Frigate 1765


Launched in Plymouth in 1765, Ajax was armed and supplied five years later, when it sailed for its first trip to North America In 1786, during a winter mission in Atlantic, it ran into a severe storm that seriously damaged it. The storm lasted three days but with some temporary repairs, it managed to reach Scotland after a journey lasting forty-five days. Within a month, some major repairs were carried out and it set sail to Plymouth.


Ajax sailed for the next twelve years but was disarmed and abandoned in the Plymouth navy yards. However, in 1801, the Admiralty was keen to expand its fleet and decided to utilize again some disarmed ships like the Ajax. At the end of 1802 the ship sailed with the Mediterranean fleet and participated in the Toulon siege with other English ships, amongst which was the famous HMS Victory, commanded by Admiral Nelson. On 21st October 1805 Ajax participated in the Trafalgar war, where it damaged a Spanish ship and sunk a French one.


Skill Level : 4

Scale : 1:72

Length: 28-1/2" (720mm)

Height: 30" (760mm)


Derfflinger Model Ship Kit


DERFFLINGER - 17th Century Felucca


Prior to 1684, Derfflinger was named Wolkensaule. It was purchased in Danzica in January 1681 by Benjamin Raule and was used during the war against Spain (May 1681) declared by Prince William Frederick. It was 110 feet long and 23 feet wide; it was armed with 3 - 16 cannons and crewed by about twenty men. From 1686 - 1693 the felucca sailed the Western Africa and India routes. The 'Friedrich Wilhelm Zu Pferde' had been its escort as well as the 'Hoffnung' during the trips up the Western Africa coast and up to the Shetland Islands.


Skill Level : 5

Scale : 1:66

Length: 19-1/2" (500mm)

Height: 18-1/2" (470mm)



Falmouth Model Ship Kit


HMS FALMOUTH - English India Companies of 1752


The three-masted merchant ship H.M.S. Falmouth was launched at the port of Blackwall in 1752. Owned by the English India Company, she was the first trading vessel to be armed with 36 cannon. The Falmouth carried a crew of 180, made up of the best gunners of the time. The loyalty of the crew was guaranteed, as each seamen was allowed to trade, sell or barter five tons of goods as his own. Materials are the best available, and wooden parts are pre-cut to facilitate assembly. Flawless blue-print sized plans ensure an authentic ship model.


Skill Level : 5

Scale : 1:75

Length: 41-1/2" (1050mm)

Height: 33-1/2" (850mm)



Friedrich Wilhelm




Built between 1660 and 1661, the Friedrich Wilhelm zu Perde was a formidable German vessel of 900 tons. Sailing to Africa and the Shetland Islands, she carried a crew of 250 men and 50 to 60 cannon. She was engaged by three French warships on October 30th, 1692 when France was at war with the Brandenburg Empire. The first round of fire from the French killed the captain and set the Friedrich Wilhelm on fire.


Skill Level : 6

Scale : 1:70

Length: 37-1/2" (950mm)

Height: 32-1/2" (820mm)



La Renommee Model Ship Kit


LA RENOMMEE - 18th Century French Frigate


There were two Renommee's built in France, one in the 17th Century and this one in the 18th Century. Launched in 1744 at either Byrone or Brest, La Renommee was a one-off 40-gun ship designed by Antoine Groignard with 30 12-pounders and 10 8-pounder guns. She was captured by the British Navy (HMS Dover) 27 September, 1747 and converted into a 30-gun fifth-rate frigate as the HMS Renown and served until she was broken up in 1771.


However, this type of frigate is very important in the evolution of ships of the British Navy because it inspired the development of a series of fifth-rate frigates equipped with only thirty guns of large calibre, all placed on the second deck.


Skill Level : 5

Scale : 1:70

Length: 32-1/2" (830mm)

Height: 27" (690mm)



Lyde Model Ship Kit


LYDE - 18th Century English Schooner

The Lyde was built in an English shipyard near Plymouth around 1787 as an armed cargo boat. It was used as a transport for war materials to support the English ships at the siege of Genova during the Napoleonic Wars.


Skill Level : 3

Scale : 1:70

Length: 29" (740mm)

Height: 22-1/2" (570mm)



Mordaunt Model Ship Kit


MORDAUNT - 4th Rate English Vessel 1681


The Mordaunt was launched at Deptford, near London in 1681. It was commissioned by a syndicate of shipowners headed by Lord Mordaunt. However, he later became the sole owner of the vessel, when the other members left that association.


The aim in having such a greatly armed private ship was to eliminate the war ship stock. This idea aroused some suspicion; therefore the Ambassador of Spain presented his complaints to the Court of St. James, asserting that a warship owned by private people could have been easily taken by the Elector of Brandenburg, who was completing a fleet to move against Spain.


The vessel was sequestered, and Lord Mordaunt was forced by the Court to limit the armament and crew. In 1683, the ship was seconded into the Royal Navy, where it remained until 21 November, 1693, when it disappeared in the open sea of Cuba. A model of this ship is showed in Greenwich Museum.


Skill Level: 5

Scale: 1:60

Length: 36" (920mm)

Height: 30-1/2" (770mm)



Royal William Model Ship Kit


ROYAL WILLIAM - First Rate English Vessel 1790


Built from materials salvaged from a demolished ship, the Royal William was launched in 1719 at Plymouth. Registered as a first rate ship of 1,600 tons, she carried three batteries of guns and a crew of 730 men. Euromodels Royal William outshines all other ship model kits in its category because of its very precise and abundant fittings. You'll find 104 bronzed metal cannon and nearly 200 decorative pieces cast in heavy white metal. Eight detailed sheets of plans.

Skill Level : 6

Scale : 1:70

Length: 45" (1140mm)

Height: 37-1/2" (950mm)



Schiff Model Ship Kit


SCHIFFETTO CARLOFORTINO - Mediterranean Fishing Boat


A Mediterranean skiff, which was fast and very manageable. Making it ideal for fishing.


Skill Level : 3

Scale : 1:15

Length: 26" (660mm)

Height: 29-1/2" (750mm)