Ship Model Plans - Blue Nose I


In 1920 Canadian Senator William H Dennis instituted the International Fishermans Trophy a series of races to be held off the coast of Nova Scotia in Lunenberg and Gloucester in New England. Entrants for the race had to be fishing boats.

Against all odds and to the disappointment of Senator Dennis and all Canadians, the first edition of the trophy saw the victory of the American ‘Esperanto’. This prompted Dennis to form a consortium to raise the money needed to build a winning boat. The young naval architect, William Roue was employed to design the boat.Work began immediately and the Bluenose was launched March 26, 1921, a schooner of 285 tons.

In the autumn of 1921, the Bluenose won the second running of the International Fishermans Trophy. The Bluenose was to prove a dominating force with victories for several subsequent years.

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