Ship Model Soclaine - Sinagot - Oyster Lugger

Skill Level : 2
Scale : 1:20
Length: 22" (550mm)
Height: 24" (610mm)

SINAGOT - Oyster Lugger 1943

The French name for this type of boat is sinagot, which literally means 'inhabitant of Sene', a small village on the Morbihan Gulf in south-west Brittany. Earlier this century, approximately 300 of these small family dayboats fished for oysters in this inland sea, famous for its unique tidal regime, out into Quiberon Bay. Some remained in service up until the 1960s. On traditional holidays, the sinagots pitted themselves in hard-fought regattas.

The Soclaine range of ship model kits features: All wood construction, pre-cut frames, woods specially chosen for each type of ship model. Detailed plans to scale with diagrams for each stage of assembly.

Order code: KTSCVA1040